Sky Warrior Books' Policy on Preorders to Customers

Libraries and Bookstores, please see Library and Bookstore Preorders.

At Sky Warrior Books, we understand that our authors and fans are enthusiastic to purchase a book before it comes out.  That's awesome!  However, fiscally it makes no sense for us to do this.

We run our production faster than any publisher that I know of.  Once we've got the book scheduled and in the system, we take 3 months to bring it from acceptance to sale.  We get the covers only a month ahead of publication (or shorter), which means we must interrupt our final production to make accommodations to have the book in presale for maybe 2 weeks.  The book is for sale when we announce it.  That means you've got a great chance to get the book on the first.

If you've met the author at a con or got a postcard with a book that isn't available yet, no frets!  Ask the author when the book will be available and come back here and purchase it.  Simple, really. 

We promise, we're working to get the book out as soon as possible.