Monday, August 1, 2016

Hoofbeats is Now Available through Amazon!

New Release!  Hoofbeats is available through Amazon NOW for $4.99!

The sound of freedom, power and MAGIC.

Horses have the gift of carrying us to far-off lands, accompanying us on adventures and fueling imaginations.

In addition to the magic to be found mundane horses – there are the magical horses of legends and lore – unicorns and pegasi – staples of fantasy literature – and more.

In Hoofbeats, you will meet magical horses, unicorns, and pegasi – as well as a couple of mechanical horses that are more alive than they appear, carousel horses that take their riders on a journey with the Wild Hunt, the spirit pony of a powerful Shaman, a Kelpie and a Nyx. All members of the magical equine family.

Join our authors as they bring us 22 tales filled with the magic only an equine possesses.

Featuring stories by: J.A. Campbell, Rie Sheridan Rose, Liam Hogan, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Wayland Smith, Rebecca McFarland-Kyle, Misha Nogha, L.J. Bonham, Noel Ayers, Sanan Kolva, M.H. Bonham, Carol Hightshoe, April Douglas, Melodie Bolt, Cynthia Ward, Dana Bell, Steve Ruskin, Amanda Faith,  and F.J. Bergmann.

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