Saturday, June 18, 2016

Rough Magic is Now a Trade Paperback and Audiobook!

Twenty years ago, the modern world collided with the world of Faerie, leaving behind its denizens in a world of cold iron. Unable to work in the modern world of steel, those of the Fallen have been forced into welfare, prostitution, or thievery.
Once the proud queen of air and light, Sathyllien, works with the Los Angeles police department to solve the murders of elves and human prostitutes, the clues lead to a 5-year-old, cold-case murder - that of her daughter. But can she find the killer before a race war starts? Rough Magic is available in trade paperback for $15.95, it is available in Kindle for $2.99, and with a Kindle purchase, it is available in Audiobook for only $1.99!  Buy your copies HERE at Amazon!

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