Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday Guest Post: Adopt a Book by Rebecca McFarlane Kyle

Today's guest post is from Rebecca McFarlane Kyle or Becky Kyle. Born on Friday 13, Rebecca developed an early love for the unusual. She currently lives between the Smoky and Cumberland mountains with her husband and four cats. She has three young adult novels and a mystery novel currently in the works.

Firsts are difficult. This week, I learned that I’ve been invited to a local author event at a nearby bookstore. I worked for this. I solicited the store’s customer relations representative, and even got her names and email addresses of other local authors.

Self-promotion is a necessity for authors. Even big-name authors who have a publicity department working for them get out there and press the flesh. My problem is that I’m a shy introvert, with low vision, which only worsens the problem. So the Snoopy Joy Dance when I first heard the news was followed pretty quickly by a near panic attack. Times like these, you have to remember to breathe. You can either panic or think, but to think, your brain’s going to need some oxygen.

Actually, I’m an excellent public speaker. Back in college, our speech teacher assigned us to do a ten-minute talk in which we were required to outright lie. I had the class convinced that a notorious lumber company should indeed damn the spotted owls and strip the old-growth forests out of the Northwest. After the applause, both the teacher and I had to remind them that I was supporting a cause I did not believe in.

That was frightening. My professor actually told me to use my powers for good instead of evil. So, I have the skills and I actually do believe in my book. Fanny & Dice was in the works for two years. I’ve read through the text countless times, and I still like the characters, the setting, and the story. But what experiences can I use to help me through this challenge? Where else in my life have I been outgoing enough to pull this off?

The answer came amazingly fast. Yes, indeed, I’m that pet adoption volunteer who stands beside the cages, making pleas to every passing customer in the pet store to look at the cute dog or cat, hey even if you don’t have time or space for a pet, maybe you could donate a couple of bucks to the cause?

This I can do. Fanny & Dice has similarities to a pet, without the responsibilities. Think about it; a book gives hours of entertainment and amusement and you don’t have to feed it, walk it, or clean up after it.

So in five weeks, when I’m sitting at the table in my local bookstore, making friends with the local authors I do not yet know well, I’ll be selling my book just as I would an animal: as a valued and enjoyable addition to their lives.

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