Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Stupidly Busy and the Fall Slow Down

Fall is an insane time for us at Sky Warrior Book Publishing, LLC.  We are working hard on our audiobooks and working toward getting our other books under contract out the door.  From now until the end of the year, you probably won't hear a lot from us. This is because the stars align and it's time for other pressing things, as well as getting books out the door.

Hunting Season...No, Really

Hunting season is upon us and quite honestly between hunting and getting all the other work we have to get done, this puts anthologies at the back of all the other Sky Warrior Books that need attention. If you're really curious, you can read about hunting and the critters at EatingWildMontana.  We then have the holidays, and then the after-holiday sales.  So, this is a slow period for us to respond and we had to make some hard choices. Unfortunately, anthos get the short end of it. More on this later.

Audible Books in the Works

Right now, we have Audible books in the works. Currently we have 19 -- yes, you read right -- 19 books in all phases of production. If you haven't noticed, we have a number of new books out in Audible including:

  • Samurai Son
  • Prophecy of Swords
  • Acheron Highway
  • One-Way Ticket to Midnight
  • The Lost Enforcer
  • Daemons and Shadows
  • Rough Magic
  • Shield of Honor
If you're doing math, we have 11 more in production and dozens looking for narrators.  And yes, we pay royalty share.  So, if you're a good narrator, you can join up on Audible and see if we like your voice.

Books in the Works

We've been working on S. A. Bolich's books in her Fate's Arrow saga as well as other books soon to be put forth in print.   We still have a number of books by John Dalmas to produce as well as books by Frog and Esther Jones, David Lee Summers, and others.

What's the Deal with the Anthos?

We've been reevaluating our anthologies and discovering, quite honestly, they don't generate enough profit to continue pumping them out, given the amount of work that needs to get done for them. Between paying authors, editors, and artists, we pay out nearly 75% in net royalties which doesn't even begin to cover our costs when you consider that most of the authors do not promote them. We're thinking that in the future, like our novels, anthos may be invitation-only, if and when we decide to continue our anthologies. The current anthologies are on hold for the time being, dates of publication TBA.  Do not send me emails or comments asking me when that is.  Most likely you won't see them out until well after the first of the year.

While this is a bit of a pain for the short story authors, the reality is that you aren't going to make millions off this work. It may be your first sale, but if you've signed a contract with us, you can still market it elsewhere. We take nonexclusive antho rights which will let you shop it elsewhere.  No harm; no foul.

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