Wednesday, April 23, 2014

March(ing) Forward!

Wow! Sales are up for March 2014, we're on a roll!

Here are the top five authors last month.
1. Irene "Phyl" Radford
2. Bob Brown
3 and 4. John Dalmas and Gary Jonas (tied)
5. Christie Meierz

Fantastic job everyone.  Several authors just missed the top five, so keep working hard to promote your books, it does pay off.  Remember, promotion gets sales and sales gets royalties, so promote, promote, promote!  If you want your name on the list, ask yourself, "Have I done everything possible to attract attention to my work?"  If the answer is an honest yes, then keep doing it over and over again.  It's critical to keep your name and titles in front of people.  Even exposure for a few, fleeting seconds leaves an imprint on your prospect's mind.  Why do think companies pay big bucks to plaster their brands on anything and everything?  Because it works.  If it didn't, they wouldn't spend the money.

Generate buzz for your books.  Politely suggest to your friends and regular readers that they review your books on websites such as Goodreads.  If you have writer friends, offer to trade reviews with them.  Cultivate relationships with people in your local print and broadcast media.  They're always looking for local color stories and what's more colorful than a home grown author?  Saturate social media.  Keep people up to date on your latest projects and remind them of your back list.  Ask any preacher and they'll tell you the key to success is constant repetition of your message in clear, concise language; tell the folks, tell 'em again, and then tell 'em some more.  Never give up, never shut up.  Remember, sell what you know, and no one knows you better than you.  Let's make April even better than March.