Thursday, November 7, 2013

Kindle Countdown Deals!

We're trying a new promotion at Sky Warrior Books called Kindle Countdown deals!  Starting November 7th, you can get Samurai Son for $1.99 from Amazon for a limited time. Then, the price increases until it reaches full price on November 11th. It'll be a cool way to get a copy of M. H. Bonham's exciting novel set in a fantasy Japan.  We're also offering Laura J. Underwood's popular book, Dragon's Tongue, November 27-29  as a Kindle Countdown Sale.

Samurai Son (The Stormhammer Chronicles)

The Fate of the World Hangs on a Young Samurai

All Akira’s life, he dreamt of being more than just a samurai. His sensei finds his martial arts inadequate, and he’s taunted by another young samurai who has killed a dragon. But Akira has a secret. He’s been training with the Tengu—magical wind-spirits who excel at fighting.

Only things aren’t what they appear, and unbeknownst to Akira, he isn’t quite human. A dragon threatening his home island reveals his true identity and he’s sent on a journey where if he chooses to use his magic, he’ll be put to death, or worse. But if he doesn’t, demons will overrun the world.

Countdown deal: November 7-11, 2013

CLICK HERE: Samurai Son (The Stormhammer Chronicles)

Dragon's Tongue (Book 1 of The Demon Bound) 

Alaric Braidwine, young mageborn bard in training, has no idea that he's about to become part of a legend. Traveling to Dun Gealach to learn magecraft under the Council of Mageborn, he finds himself drawn into a fiendish plot by a blood mage who wants to be a god.

Countdown deal: November 27-29, 2013

CLICK HERE: Dragon's Tongue (The Demon Bound)

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