Thursday, October 3, 2013

Halloween Frights

Looking for some excellent horror and dark fantasy for October?  Look no further than Sky Warrior Books for Halloween scary fun.  We have the best in scary and not so scary fun!

Wolves of Valhalla by L. J. Bonham. $2.99

What's meaner than a Viking Zombie? A Viking Werewolf, of course.

The summer solstice in the prophesied year of the apocalypse. Snorri Geirolfson sails home with his brother and Viking comrades after a successful raid. A sudden, unnatural storm sweeps out of the North Sea and bolts of mysterious lightning pulverize everyone aboard, except Snorri. Snorri's bad day turns to a night from hell when his shipmates awaken as brain eating undead. Desperate, he jumps overboard to avoid becoming their main course.

Snorri swims to an island shore where he finds a Norse fortress and seeks the protection of it's Chieftain, Thorolf Haeglson, who has his own issues. Thorolf is a werewolf and he hates himself. Nothing like an invasion of undead to lift your sagging spirits! Can this unlikely duo, thrown together by the web of the Fyr, defeat that which can not be killed and save Thorolf's people from annihilation? Buy Wolves of Valhalla HERE.

Tails of the Pack: A Werewolf Anthology edited by Stephen E. Wedel. $4.99

The legend of the man-beast has been with us forever. It has changed and evolved and reshaped itself much as the lycanthrope itself, and yet, at its heart, it is essentially the same. Unlike the vampire that has gone from a stinking, bloated, near-mindless corpse to a suave, angst-ridden sex toy as society shapes the trope to fit current mores, the werewolf has, for centuries, been about the loss of self-control.

In Tails of the Pack, Steven E. Wedel has put together eleven of the best Werewolf stories by authors such as Mark Finn, Tiffani Angus, Frog and Esther Jones, and Aaron Smith. Keep those silver bullets handy, you’re going to need them.
Buy Tails of the Pack: A Werewolf Anthology HERE.

One-Way Ticket to Midnight by Gary Jonas. $2.99

A down-and-out bluesman

A rough-and-tumble-biker

A series of supernatural murders

Roy Porter lives on the streets of Tulsa, his music all but forgotten. When his friends start dying in horrible ways, Roy realizes he's seen the pattern of death before. The cops are searching for a regular killer, but Roy knows there's more going on and if he doesn't act, he might be next of the death list.

He teams up with Jim Hartford, a tough biker with a haunted past, to hunt down the killer. But how can this unlikely pair hope to face up to a killer with powers born from the depths of evil? They're on a train bound for hell and it's a one-way trip. Buy One-Way Ticket to Midnight HERE.

 Zombiefied! An Anthology of All Things Zombie. $4.99

Zombie crime fighters, politicians, soldiers, rescuers—but a Zombie prom date or bowler? If you’re looking for Zombies, prepare to be ZOMBIEFIED! Two dozen amazing zombie stories sure to breathe life back into the Undead. If you’re looking for stories that shamble, groan, and eat brains, you’re sure to become ZOMBIEFIED.
Stories by: Dayton Ward, M.H Bonham, Gary Jonas, David Lee Summers, Carol Hightshoe, Laura Givens, Rie Sheridan Rose, Lou Antonelli, John Lance...and Many More!  Buy Zombiefied! An Anthology of All Things Zombie HERE.

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