Wednesday, September 4, 2013

When Horses Fly…

I've been procrastinating about writing up what really happened on July 16. Part of it is I really don't recall the events of that day, at least not very clearly. I'm still dealing with the aftermath of that day and trying to make some sense of it.

My husband and I decided to go riding that day.  I rode my horse, Rocket, whom  I had been having trouble with. Rocket had been balking on me lately, insisting on turning around in spots we had turned around on before when we were training short distances. The veterinarian had checked out Rocket' s legs when we were treating her for in inflamed tendon. Her legs were fine; her problem was her feet and we had her shod. We were working toward increasing distance and had gone maybe two miles.

According to my husband, Rocket balked and pitched a fit. I turned her around and rode her down the hill a little ways with the intent of turning back up in a place that I thought was safe. When I did not return, my husband rode down to find me. As he put it, neither I nor my horse was in sight. He looked down the hill and saw me straddling some deadfall some 30 feet down the hill in a ravine. Rocket was a ways from me entangled with her reins.

I suspect Rocket tried to back up on me and then bolted, leaping into the ravine. She had bolted once before when I had first started riding her. She had gone uphill then, and I ended up getting thrown then too, this time only 10 feet or so down an embankment. I ended up in the road then. I was bruised up, but otherwise okay.  In this incident, I was anything but okay.  It was apparent that my arm was dislocated and I had sustained numerous injuries.

After the first bolting incident almost two years before, I trained her consistently and we managed to get her to the point that she could go for miles on unfamiliar trails.So, while I had some problems with her, I thought I had worked the bolting out of her.

Now, I was really hurt.  My husband got hold of some neighbors who were first responders and called 911. After all was said and done I ended up in the hospital. I had a dislocated elbow, a fractured neck vertebra, a severely bruised up left side, and a serious concussion. Supposedly, somebody mentioned a dislocated shoulder, but my husband claims that wasn't in the charts.

I remember nothing of the ride, or of the accident, or anything that followed, even though I was conscious throughout. My memories seem more like a jumbled-up dream. The fact that the hospital kept me five days even though they knew I didn't have insurance suggests just how serious injuries were. Even now, I'm fighting with pain, exhaustion, and short-term memory loss.

We've gotten some relief on the hospital bills, but we still have to pay individual doctors and medical services. If you feel so inclined, you can donate at my GoFundMe page.

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