Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Open Submissions through the End of September!!

OMG, yes, my Acquisition's Editor has decided that we should open for submissions now through October 1st, 2013. Yes, I looked at him sideways.  It has done no good.

So, if you have a novel or nonfiction book ready to submit, we'll take a look at it.  Even if this is your first novel.  We accept novels, nonfiction and graphic novels in the following fiction genres: science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal, paranormal romance, mystery, thriller, historical, young adult; nonfiction includes: how-to, history, pets, animals, travel, prepper/survival, outdoors, hunting, writing, philosophy, religion.


This is the 21st century.  Email subs only.  Times New Roman 12 pt or something similar. Double space.  Use Italics.  RTF files preferred.  No viruses or you will get automatically rejected and banned from consideration.  Contact information in the file, including phone number and email.  Use Courier and we will come to your house and throw rocks at your mailbox.  Be sure your book is clean, edited and professional.  Have your book vetted by a critique group.  Make sure it is of a quality you'd be proud to see in print.   Novels must be more than 60K words. Young adult may be 40K or more. Graphic novels must be at least 64 pages.  Query on graphic novels.  Anything after October 1st will be ignored.

We will accept reprints as well as new novels, provided you still own the rights.  Place SUBMISSION: Your Title in the subject line of the email.

Email your submissions to lbskywarriorbooks AT gmail DOT com

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