Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sky Warrior Book News

We've been busy at Sky Warrior Books, producing almost a book a week for your enjoyment.  Since Larry, our new managing editor has joined us, we've ramped up into full gear.  Expect this newsletter to appear in your mailbox on the first Wednesday each month.

Books in Works

Gears and Levers 3 edited by Phyllis Irene Radford (steampunk)
Flying Free by Lyn McConchie (Young Adult)
Seaborn by S. A. Bolich (Fantasy)
The General's President by John Dalmas (Science Fiction)
Indomitus Vivat by Robert W. Brady Jr. (Fantasy)
And many more!

Our authors have been a busy bunch.   Here is the latest June news from them:

Phyllis Irene Radford reports How Beer Saved the World is out and has it's own website! Baycon was a success with many beer bookmarks handed out.

David Lee Summers says: Introducing a new anthology of stories based on real planets discovered by the NASA Kepler mission.  A Kepler's Dozen presents thirteen action-packed, mysterious and humorous stories by Sky Warrior authors M.H. Bonham, Carol Hightshoe, and David Lee Summers.  The anthology is co-edited by Steve B. Howell, project scientist for the Kepler mission.  Whether on a prison colony, in a fast escape from the authorities, or encircling a binary star, these exoplanet stories will amuse, frighten, and intrigue you while you share fantasy adventures among Kepler's real-life planets.  The anthology is available at and

Bill Warren, one of our artists is almost finished with the cover for the John Dalmas' book, The General's President after wrestling with his new computer and operating system.  He is hoping someone can tell him how to feed Windows 8 Prozac.

Laura J. Underwood will be at SoonerCon in June.  Her story "How to Have Fun at a Family Funeral" is now up for reading at 4 Star Stories in their spring issue.

Brenda Clough is doing a reading at the North American Disclave convention in Balitmore the first weekend in July. She will be reading "Below, Between, Above". Also she will be running not one but two panels on How to Knit a Beard.

Robert Brady reports Book One of the Fovean Chronicles was releases last week and is holding steady in the top 300,000 in Amazon and the top 600,000 in Barnes and Noble. Right now he just purchased to add to .Net and .Org, which he already owns, and will be able to produce a website completely centric to the fantasy genre.

When that happens he'll be looking to trade reference space between other authors' sites and mine. Your site can have a link to his, and you can use his site to give a description of your work.

G. David Nordley reports that he has the lead story, "The Fountain," in the June 2013 appears in the recently released How Beer Saved the World edited by Irene Radford, with "A Wartime Draught," and will appear in the upcoming Extreme Planets anthology with "Haumea."  His Analog series novels (with C. Sanford Lowe), and To Climb a Flat Mountain have been published as POD/ebook combinations within the last year by and are available from  Nordley's next convention appearance will be at CONVergence in Minneapolis starting the 4th of July.  He also plans to attend LoneStarCon in August and OryCon in November.

Lyn McConchie's collaborated (with Sharman Horwood, SWP cover artist) time travel/alternate history book, QUEEN OF IRON YEARS, has been nominated for New Zealand's Sir Julius Vogel Award for "Best SF/F Book of the previous Year." The award will be announced and presented at their Natcon, Au Contraire, in mid-July.

Sharman also has a piece of art in a small university art show here, and she'll be participating in another in Canada, a local art show in Riondel (you can see some of the art at

It has been a busy and exciting month for Clayton J. Callahan. Not only did his story “Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow” come out in Sky Warrior’s “How Beer Saved the World,” but another short story of his “Probing for Aliens” just came out in the e-magazine Perihelion.Together these represent his first fiction sales.

He's also just sold another information article to Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine for their August issue. This is in line with his previous game publications; “Star Run” and “Battlefields: From Broadswords to Bullets” which are also receiving good reviews in the gaming community.

Currently, he is trying to do what every other writer he knows is trying to do; get that novel published. He finished “The Legend of Kilroy” during his last tour in Iraq in 2011, and then spent months with his writer’s group polishing it up. It takes place in the same universe as “Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow” and is just great read, really.  He will be happy to announce when it’s released.

The ebook edition of Nancy Jane Moore's collection, Conscientious Inconsistencies, has just been published by Book View Cafe. This book was originally published in now-out-of-print limited hardback edition by the UK press PS Publishing. In a review of the print edition, Lyndon Perry said, “Moore’s style rises above a particular perspective and stands on its own as quality short fiction.”

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