Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Releases for May!

April showers brought May books, and we have some great book deals, including two young adult e-books, a brand-new never published science fiction duology from John Dalmas, and an awesomely quirky anthology.

The Dragon, the Damsel, and the Knight by Bob Brown

Bob Brown spins a tale of tolerance and compassion that is sure to capture the readers imagination. He sings us a song of adventure and happy endings that will delight children of any age.

J. A. Pitts, Author of Forged in Fire (Tor Books)

Charming and delightful for readers young and old.

Patricia Briggs, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of  The Mercy Thompson Series.

As a young girl living with her father near the River Village, Lori had few worries.  She had her father and friends and special trip up the mountain to pick berries to put away for winter. 

But when Lori gets lost on the mountain and is forced to spend the night alone in the forest she finds more than berries.  She finds forty feet of dragon with green scales, horns and teeth aplenty who decides she is the perfect damsel.

She is swept away from her home and family, left to deal with dragon on her own.  The dragon must come to grips with her no nonsense approach to being a damsel and the fact that her family and friends in the village want her back and is sending a knight to bring her home. The choice is not an easy one as Lori is forced to take sides as dragon and knight collide.

Presented with enchanting artwork by award-winning artist, John R. Gray III.


The Dragon's Kiss by Pat McEwen

Hope Lies with a Wheelchair-Bound Boy

Michael from the mountain clans has a gift—he can hear dragons. A birth defect has made it difficult to speak and he can’t walk; his body is wracked with spasms. But if his people—and the dragons—are to survive attacks by the lowland Qing d'Hai empire, he must somehow bridge the gap between his dragon riding clans and the dragons. If he doesn’t succeed, both the dragons and the mountain clans will meet a terrible fate.

Demon in The Bones (Book 2 of the Ard Magister Series) by Laura J. Underwood

Demons and Venomous Dark

When Conor Mac Manahan joins a caravan to protect its mysterious cargo, his adopted son Rhoyd senses something wrong. Rhoyd is the Ard Magister, the one mageborn who will someday destroy the evil plaguing this world, but he’s young and inexperienced. Nevertheless, he senses magic being flung about, and demons are converging on the caravan. But enemies can be friends and friends can be enemies—who can he possibly trust when dealing with an evil so ancient and vile that is threatens to rip apart the very fabric of the world?

The Signature of God, Volumes 1 and 2 by John Dalmas

Hope in a World Torn Apart

Following Ngunda Aran’s assassination, a devastating asteroid smashes into the earth, setting off a global tsunami. In a blink of an eye, humans are given another chance to rebuild and reset, using the lessons that Dove taught. Dove’s followers now have a chance at building a better world. But can humanity change its ways, even following irrefutable proof of a Messiah? 

How Beer Saved the World: An Esoteric Anthology Edited by Phyllis Irene Radford

And on the Eighth Day God Created Beer.

Beer is what separates humans from animals… unless you have too much.

Seriously, anthropologists, archeologists, and sociologists seem to think that when humans first emerged on earth as human, they possessed fire, language, a sense of spirituality, and beer.
Within these pages are quirky, silly, and downright strange stories sure to delight and entertain the ardent beer lover by authors such as Brenda Clough, Irene Radford, Mark J. Ferrari, Shannon Page, Nancy Jane Moore, Frog and Esther Jones, G. David Nordley, and many more! 

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