Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Guess Our Goats Contest!

Well, the goats surprised me with their babies--and without their babies.  So, here are the stats without any further ado:

Bonnie was sold.  I don't know how many kids she had.

February 25th -- Annie 3 kids, all girls.
February 27th -- Belle had 2 kids, all girls.
March 3rd -- Heidi had 2 kids, all boys.
March 20th -- Lulu had 1 kid, girl.

Lisa is either not pregnant or is due at a later date.
I have Delila, but if she's pregnant, she didn't have them,
I sold Lulu's kid and one of Belle's kids before April 1. 
Oreo is the proud daddy.
Buckwheat is a bottle baby.

So the goat math is as follows:

14 goats--
10 females
4 males

Since nobody got the dates or the numbers (tricky goats!) I'll be offering a 50% discount to those of you who played to three of our books (your choice!).  I'll notify the winners directly.

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