Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Guess Our Goats Contest

Okay, maybe you DIDN'T know that I own goats. I have nine, to be exact.  Six are pregnant.  Four are due SOON.  I mean, REAL SOON.  All six should give birth by April 1.

So, what is this contest about?  How about if we give a bunch of books away?  There are multiple ways to win!

Here's the contest:

FIRST WAY TO WIN: I want you to guess the day and number of kids EACH of the goats has her baby/babies.  If you're right, you get a FREE E-BOOK of your choice. 

SECOND WAY TO WIN: I want you to give me your guess as to how many goats I have by April 1st, including sexes.  Closest guess, the person gets TWENTY FREE E-BOOKS of their choice.  Second and Third runners up get FIVE FREE E-BOOKS of their choice.

RULES: ANYONE MAY ENTER.  (EXCEPT ME)  Void where prohibited. Enter by leaving a comment with your guesses at the bottom of this post. You are not allowed to have the exact guess as anyone else. You can have the same day as long as the number of kids is different. 

If you post your guess after a particular goat gives birth, your guess is void for that goat, but valid for the others. Total goat tally and gender contest closes after February 21st because it won't be fair for early guessers.

I may sell a goat/kid during that time (to make things complicated)  In which case, the number guessed at the end must reflect that.  You can cheat do research and ask questions, or look in other places for information regarding the status of my animals, but I honestly don't know the exact day or sex.  Live births that last more than 24 hours count on the birthdate/number of kids. Your guesses may be posted on Livejournal or google blogspot.  The main post is at

Now, for the pregnant goats:


Good luck!! I will be emailing folks and ask them if they want to subscribe to our newsletter.  If you don't, that's fine.  I won't spam you.  Promise.


  1. Heidi - Feb. 28 - 3 kids
    Belle - March 2 - 2 kids
    Bonnie - Feb. 14 - 2 kids
    Annie - March 10 - 2 kids
    Lisa - March 15 - 3 kids
    Lulu - March 21 - 2 kids

    Assuming that the 3 non-pregnant goats you have are male...
    Total Goats as of April 1: 21
    Male Goats: 7
    Female Goats: 14

  2. Thanks! Your guess is now noted!

  3. Haha! What a fun contest. OK, we have goats too, mostly milk goats breeds (all mixed together) and a little Boer for meat goats. I have questions. What breeds (primary) are the ladies and is this their first year giving birth? Are any of them old mamas by now? Oooo! I am so noisy about your goats' business ;)

    1. LOL -- Okay, two are LaMancha (Belle and Heidi), two are Saanen (Lisa and Lulu), one Nigerian Dwarf (Bonnie), and one ND or Pygmy crossed with something (Annie). All are first year bred EXCEPT Annie, who has had a baby once before. Bonnie is 4 or 5.

    2. Heidi - Feb. 24 - 2 kids
      Belle - March 6 - 1 kid
      Bonnie - Feb. 19 - 2 kids
      Annie - Feb 17 - 3 kids
      Lisa - Feb 29 - 2 kids
      Lulu - March 10 - 1 kid

      17 total + whatever males & unbred ladies you have. I expect 5 males and 6 females kids.

      Great contest! Will you post pics of the kids?

  4. Ok, I'll make a guess!

    Heidi- February 25th, 2 kids
    Belle- February 23rd, 1 kid
    Bonnie- February 21st, 1 kid
    Annie- February 19th, 2 kids
    Lisa- March 25th, 1 kid
    Lulu- March 27th 2 kids

    I assume you'll be able to sell off some of the kids as they are born (or before they're born), so by April first I think you'll have:

    5 boy goats
    8 female goats
    total of 13 goats