Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sky Warrior Books New Releases!

We have some awesome new releases here at Sky Warrior Books, including The Second Coming (The Millennium Series) and Rough Magic (The Fallen).

Sky Warrior Books is proud to reprint The Second Coming (The Millennium Series) by John Dalmas.

A Savior or Anti-Christ?

In the midst of a global economic collapse, when famines and natural disasters abound, one man appears with the message of a messiah to bring hope to the world. Ngunda Aran, the head of Millennium and a charismatic speaker, works miracles and brings the message of the Tao to Americans and people across the globe. But his message isn't always welcome and there are many who would put an end to this messiah. But will Aran usher in a millennium of peace, or will his dire predictions of a global catastrophe come to pass?

Explore the mean streets in Rough Magic (The Fallen) by Pat MacEwen.

When Worlds Collide

Twenty years ago, the modern world collided with the world of Faerie, leaving behind its denizens in a world of cold iron. Unable to work in the modern world of steel, those of the Fallen have been forced into welfare, prostitution, or thievery.

Once the proud Queen of Air and Light, Sathyllien works with the Stockton police department to solve the murders of elves and human prostitutes. The clues lead to a 5-year-old, cold-case murder—that of her daughter. But can she find the killer before a race war starts?

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