Monday, June 4, 2012

The Great Pre-Denver Comiccon Sale!

Everything is on sale at Sky Warrior Books.  Everything.  We're offering UNTIL JUNE 12th 2012 our print books for 25% off and our e-books are a flat $1.99 each.  Flat rate shipping in Continental US for $5!

Here's how to get your discounts:

1.  Tweet (Twitter) or Share (Facebook) on your timeline this page and include us (@skywarriorbooks or facebook SkyWarriorBooks).

2.  Choose your books from the list below or look at our website at  Email me with your list at skywarrior3 AT gmail DOT com and send me money via paypal to that same address.  Be sure to add $5 for shipping for trade paperbacks -- no limit to books.

3.  Those with international addresses, email me directly for a shipping rate.

4.  Those with e-books will receive special codes to download your books.


Our Trade Paperbacks:

Title                                                     SALE PRICE                           Regular Price

2012: Midnight at Spanish Gardens   $12.71                                        $16.95
The Feathered Edge                             $11.21                                        $14.95
Firedancer                                            $13.46                                        $17.95
Modern Sorcery                                  $10.46                                        $13.95
Windrider                                             $13.46                                        $17.95

Our E-Books: $1.99 EACH ALL FORMATS

2012: Midnight at Spanish Gardens, Ard Magister, Dragon's Tongue, Embers of Heaven, The Feathered Edge, Firedancer, Gears and Levers 1, The Hounds of Ardagh, Modern Sorcery, One-Way Ticket to Midnight, Prophecy of Swords, Quick Shots, Runestone of Teiwas, Serpent Singer, The Spiral Tattoo, Windrider, Zombiefied

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