Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year and Books to Look Forward to in 2012

I hope everyone has had a good holidays and a safe and happy new year.  Tonight I figured I should tell you what new releases are coming up for Sky Warrior Books.

Sky Warrior Books welcomes John Dalmas to our list of authors!  We'll be reprinting John's amazing work, The Second Coming.  We're planning on other books by him, so check out our blog for more news.

The Feathered Edge, edited by Deborah J. Ross, is an anthology of swashbuckling and romance, guaranteed to delight fans with new works by Kari Sperring, Tanith Lee, Sherwood Smith, Diane E. Paxton, Judith Tarr, K.D. Wentworth, David Smeds, among other very amazing authors.  Should be out early this year!

World bestselling author, Alma Alexander's book, 2012: Midnight at Spanish Gardens, is now available in print on Amazon for $16.95! 

Speaking of Alma, I'm editing Embers of Heaven, the sequel to the international bestseller, The Secrets of Jin-Shei.  It should be out early this year.

S.A. Bolich has done it again with her sequel to her popular FiredancerWindrider will be coming out this Spring.

Gary Jonas follows up his bestselling novel, Modern Sorcery, with Acheron Highway, another Jonathan Shade novel.  He and Brand Whitlock are working on a Graphic Novel of the Hitman, so keep an eye out for that.

I'll toot my own horn and mention that my own book, Prophecy of Swords, hit the Amazon bestseller lists again for fantasy, selling more than 500 copies in one day.  By the time I noticed it, it was down to the top 20th book in fantasy.  Pays for me to look at my own books, eh?

We've got some interesting books by Pat MacEwen coming out.  One, Rough Magic, is an urban fantasy and mystery where the realm of Faerie and our own world collided to make a difficult world for those who cannot abide cold iron.  The Dragon's Kiss is a YA book about a handicap child who wishes to become a dragon rider.  Great stuff!

We've also signed on Deby Fredricks with her fantasy, The Seven Exalted Orders.   Look for it this summer.  Michael Parry's Gurt and Eleanor, will return with the mystery, The Oak Grove. We'll be having two more anthologies out in the Spring, Gears and Levers, a Steampunk Anthology edited by Phyllis Irene Radford, and The Mystical Cat, edited by Dusty Rainbolt.

That's all I can talk about at present, but I'll continue to make announcements as they come up!

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