Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fencon -- Or where is my brain?

I managed somehow to get to Fencon last week, despite my crazy life and tons of work.  Despite having to take two very full planes each way, I ended up sleeping through the flights.  Lately, I've been dealing with stress through sleep, so sleeping on planes was pretty easy.

Fencon is in Dallas/Ft. Worth, which usually means ridiculously hot weather in September.  This year, it wasn't too bad -- it was actually cooler than Montana, which is odd, but we've had a really late summer and very odd weather.  I stayed with my sister and drove back and forth to the con hotel.

I think going to cons means meeting up with a gazillion people you haven't seen.  That meant a fair number of YDP (yard dog press) folks, which proved awesome.  I think I sold some books (good) and promoted the publishing house (great).  My sister took some time to show me InDesign, so I don't feel so out of place with it.

If I missed you at Fencon, please forgive me.  I was stretched pretty thin with all the convention stuff.  Lots of good panels and good people.  It was great seeing Selina Rosen get the Phoenix award.  Very cool.

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