Thursday, September 1, 2011

Does This E-book Make Me Look Fat? #kindle #ebooks

At Sky Warrior Books, we take America's obesity problem very seriously.  At less than $5, we know that there are plenty of fattening things out there that give us pleasure.   You know, the double shot mocha lattes?  The ice cream cones?  That really wonderful, Belgian chocolate?

Yep, we've been there.  More than once.  In fact, some of us, ahem...

Anyway, enough about our lack of willpower.  Let's talk about yours.  You know that frozen coffee drink is adding pounds, but for the same or less money, suppose I could tell you about just as much pleasure for hours at a time?  Food for your brain, as it were.

As far as I know, no one has said "Does this E-book make me look fat?"  Our books at Sky Warrior Books are heavy on taste, and light on calories and your pocketbook.  In fact, our e-books are zero fat, zero calories and all taste.  For less than $4 a book (and in some cases, less than $1), you can get awesome books by our award-winning and bestselling authors.  Check out our books at

And if you have a double shot mocha latte while reading them, that's okay by us, too.

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