Monday, April 4, 2011

Sky Warrior Books Forums and Call for Submissions

Occasionally, I come up with a good idea.  The first one has to do with Sky Warrior Books' forums -- a place for the authors and fans to get together.  I'm going to encourage you to hop on and join up at Sky Warrior Forums.  Here, you'll get the latest information about our latest projects and be able to chat with our very talented authors.

The other idea I had is to have a charity anthology for the Japanese people who have suffered because of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster.  This anthology, called Healing Waves, a takeoff of "harbor waves," which is what tsunami means, will feature Japanese-inspired fiction, nonfiction, poetry, photos, and artwork.  You can read the guidelines HERE.

I will donate all profits to a legitimate charity which will help the Japanese.  I'm planning on publishing this anthology October 1st as an e-book only. I am not paying for any submissions, but it will give you a chance to showcase your work, if selected.  And, of course, you will be doing something very good.

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