Monday, April 18, 2011

About Our Author, Laura J. Underwood

Laura J. Underwood blames Mighty Mouse for her career as an author.  When she was a child, Mighty Mouse went everywhere she went, and she even made a bus driver stop and open the doors because poor Mighty Mouse got left outside the bus.  As she got older, her parents told her that only crazy people talked to imaginary friends, so she started writing down her adventures with her invisible friends (because they were much more fun to play with than her whiny little siblings).  She also wanted to be a rancher, a spy, a veterinarian, a scientist, a world explorer, a ballerina and an acrobat--all at the same time.  But eventually, she fell into becoming a librarian instead because it meant she had lots of books for research materials so she could write.  She currently lives in East Tennessee where she cannot swing a possum without hitting a Bubba.  Laura shares her domicile with elderly parents and a cat with very few brain cells.

Laura is the author of the upcoming novels, Ard Magister, Hounds of Ardagh and Dragon's Tongue, all set in her Celtic fantasy world.  

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