Monday, March 21, 2011

The Quest for World Domination -- One Book at a Time

Thanks to Peter Anspach and
I'll admit, I really want to be an Evil Overlord.

Failing that, having evil minions would be pretty damn cool.  At least, I could say "Bwahahahaha!" in a very loud and sinister voice.  And nobody would think twice about me wanting "sharks with frickin laser beams."

A Sky Warrior Author Says "No Pictures!"
But, failing that, I'm going to have to settle for publishing some really cool books by some really cool authors.  I will be posting the Evil Minion bios on this blog and hopefully you'll think their books are pretty cool too.  Right now, until I get the contracts back, they're understandably a little camera-shy.

Not surprisingly, some of the names you'll recognize.  Most of these authors are published in one way or another and have decided to bring their talents to my little empire.  I also have a group of very talented artists and editors who are simply amazing.

All this talent is hand-picked by me.  Which means you probably will think I have warped tastes.  And, you'd be right.

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