Monday, March 28, 2011

About Our Author, Gary Jonas

Gary Jonas, pre-zombie apocalypse
They say that truth is stranger than fiction.
Some of the following is true.  For example, Gary Jonas writes fantasy novels such as Modern Sorcery and One-Way Ticket to Midnight.  Well, that’s sort of true.  The truth is that he’s already written those, but he will write more unless he gets too bored.  But we’ll call that an example of true.  Gary’s wife is Jessica Alba.  Sadly, this is false.  Jessica Alba won’t return his calls, but that’s the way it goes, and no, the restraining order doesn’t prevent him from going to California.
Gary is an author for Sky Warrior Books.  This is also true.  In our quest for world domination, we know that having someone like Gary at our side during a zombie apocalypse is pretty useful.  We can at least throw him in front of the zombie hordes while we run away screaming.
It's not that we don't appreciate our authors.  We just know our limitations.
 Gary, however, has added a number of true and false questions for us to puzzle over.  Here are three, can you pick out the false one?
1. Gary’s stepmother hired a stranger to shoot off her foot with a shotgun.
2. Gary dreams of creating a religion so he won’t have to pay taxes and, in spite of the fact that he writes fantasy, people will believe him and pay him lots of money.
3. Gary dressed in drag and appeared on stage in front of a large audience telling a popular fantasy author that he wanted the author to lick his beaver, and raised his skirt to reveal a stuffed beaver hanging there ready for action.
 Which is false?  None of them.  Which is why Gary is part of the Evil Overlord plan and a valued minion. We'll be republishing Gary's dark fantasy, One-Way Ticket to Midnight and publishing his Modern Sorcery, urban fantasy series.  Check out his website HERE.
Oh, and don't tell him about the zombie hordes.

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